Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Igniting Hearts, Inspiring Faith, since 1947 

At Hammond Mill Bible Camp, we are dedicated to kindling the fire of passion for Christ in young hearts and nurturing a resilient, living faith. Through our rich history, we honor the foundational truths of the Gospel while dynamically engaging with the present to shape a future where every camper is empowered to live out their faith boldly. Embracing our heritage, we commit to a journey of continuous discipleship and spiritual growth, guiding each generation to encounter Christ, embrace community, and impact the world with enduring faith and love.  

 Envisioning a Future of Faithful Impact 

"In our vision for Hammond Mill Bible Camp, we see a vibrant future shaped by the enduring power of the Gospel and the transformative journey of discipleship. Rooted in our rich legacy since 1947, we aspire to be a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and growth for generations to come. Our vision is to cultivate a sanctuary where the flames of faith are ignited in every heart, leading to a life-long commitment to Christ and His teachings.

We see a community where relationships are deepened in the love of Christ, where campers not only encounter God in a profound way but are also equipped to serve as His ambassadors in every sphere of life. Our aim is to extend the impact of our camp beyond the summer experience, fostering a network of believers who are united in purpose and mission.

As we look to the future, we envision Hammond Mill Bible Camp evolving into an influential spiritual hub, nurturing leaders who will carry the torch of faith into their communities, families, and the world. We are committed to expanding our reach, ensuring that more children and youth can access these life-changing experiences, irrespective of their background.

Above all, our vision is to see the Gospel’s transformative power realized in the lives of our campers, as they grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. Guided by our heritage, propelled by our mission to ignite hearts and inspire faith, we are dedicated to laying a foundation of hope and love that will echo through eternity. 

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