Our Story

How it all started

Rev. Neal Jantz founded Hammond Mill Bible Camp with a vision that remains as clear today as it was at its inception: to make summer camp accessible to as many children as possible. Under his guidance, the camp utilized the grounds of a former CCC Camp to create a space where affordability did not hinder any child's opportunity to experience the joys and growth that come from summer camp. His legacy endures, ensuring that the camp's doors remain open to all, continuing a tradition of inclusion and spiritual enrichment.

Expanding the vision

At Hammond Mill Bible Camp, our commitment to the founding vision remains unshaken: to provide an affordable, enriching summer camp experience to every child who seeks it. Today, we stand on the threshold of expansion, aspiring to extend our reach and deepen our impact. We strive not just to grow in size, but to enhance our ability to nurture young spirits and minds. Our steadfast dedication to accessibility and spiritual growth ensures that the vision of our camp will continue to flourish and reach even more children in the years to come.